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Madagasikara told out of salad! –
Madagasikara vertaald in salades!

East Cost salad (shrimps, exotic fruits salad, green salad)  14€
West coast salad
(tuna tartar perfumed with aromatic herbs & citrus fruits peel)
South salad (smoked fish, dates, Cap peas & green salad) 14€
North salad (papaya or mango according to season, smoked chicken & melon green salad) 14€
Highlands salad (chicken gizzard, crack of cashew nut, cucumber, grass, green onions and coriander, green salad) 14€

Hot starters- Warme Voorgerechten

Shrimps seasoned with garlic and hot chili sauce 14€
Chef’s tasting dish 17€
Indian Ocean shrimps cassolette with coconut sauce and green pepper juice 14€
“Masikita”(mini skewers of beef served with duo of and peanuts sauce and tomato rougail) 14€

The traditional malagasy soup – Typische soep

                                                                                                                                      main course  starter
“Vary amin’ny anana”: delicious typical malagasy soup
(prepared with Malagasy aromatic leaves and herbs and rice)                                16€/




 Chef’s rice salad  19€

Cooked dishes – Warme Hoofdgerechten

 The Royal “ Romazava “ (the Malagasy national dish: chicken & beef cooked up with Malagasy aromatic leaves)


The famous “Ravitoto“ with pork served with coconut rice
(the malagasy favorite traditional dish)
“Ravitoto” Het geliefkoosde gerecht uit Madagaskar op basis van varkenvlees en kokosrijst
“Voanjobory” (the famous peas of Bambara sautéed with pork)   19€
“Voanjobory” met varkenvlees (traditioneel gerecht met de bekende Bambara noten)
Duck with vanilla and soft curry sauce (salted but not sweet sauce)    25€
Chicken with peanut sauce perfumed with coconut & sweet curry of Madagascar   22€
Spicy sausages with red bean, curry sauce prepared the Island way    20€
Typische schotel van de eilanden: gekruide worst,bruine bonen en curry saus
« Hena ritra »
 Simmered beef perfumed with ginger and garlic (Malagasy way)    25€

Fish & Seafood from A to Z – Vis en zeevruchten

Camarons, coconut sauce and combava peel
(like green lemon) served with vanilla rice

Reuzegarnalen in een saus van kokos en een zeste van combava
(en exotische vrucht,gelijkend op een limoen)
Camarons sautéed seasoned with “Tsiperifery” (wild pepper) and black pepper of Madagascar, served with rice perfumed with thyme    25€
Camarons « flambés » with rum, shrimps seasoned with honey and lime zest    27€
Camarons pan-fried, lemon juice & mango salad, perfumed with fruit passion & coriander     25€

Pan-fried “daurade” (sea bream) fillets seasoned with garlic, black pepper of Madagascar sauce and m ixed aromatic herbs    25€
The « capitaine », coconut sauce & lime peel    25€
The „ Romazava“ with fish and „mafana“ leaves (this Romazava is prepared with hot – but not spicy- aromatic leaves which will give you strange sensations on your tong)    20€

Royal tasting dish – Culinaire reis door Madagascar

(Romazava, chicken with coconut sauce, camaron sauted with Malagasy peppers, “voanjobory” and the famous “Ravitoto” )