Belgium’s only Malagasy restaurant!

Thierry Rabe spent much of his youth in his native land of Madagascar. During a ten-year stint in the food sector there, his destiny became entwined with that of Hanta Randria: she was the commercial manager at a renowned hotel where he was working as a chef. After studying in Belgium, Thierry then worked as a chef for an international hotel chain for ten years.

Thierry has now decided to make his dream come true by opening a Malagasy restaurant. This his opportunity to free rein to his passion and express his talent:

  • his passion for the restaurant business and for exotic food,
  • his talent at experimenting with Malagasy food, his taste for culinary exploration and the supreme skill with which he produces gastronomic marvels.

Thierry and his wife Hanta applied two key principles when designing the Madagasikara.

  • First, they aimed to turn a dream into a workable reality.
  • Second, they set themselves the task of making Malagasy cuisine better known in this part of the world and creating a place for it in Belgium’s multicultural landscape.

Our dishes combine originality and quality with the exploration of the exotic.

Thierry invites you to discover the succulent culinary specialities of the ‘Big Red Island’ in the Indian Ocean.

  • This is a cuisine subtly yet gently flavoured with indigenous spices including authentic-tasting black pepper, deliciously scented tsiperifery wild pepper, mild curry and ginger.
  • And then of course there are the rum-based preparations: surprising-tasting cocktails and the renowned rhums arrangés or fruity rum drinks.

At meal time, take a trip to Madagascar in our restaurant!

The Malagasy have a reputation for the warmth of their welcome and their keen sense of hospitality. We have deliberately kept the restaurant small in order to ensure a friendly, cosy, authentic atmosphere that will give you a real insight into our country. As you eat, you can admire the old photos and pictures showing the landscapes and daily life of Madagascar.

Mandrosoa! Come in and join us!